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Carlos Antunez

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"Be still and Know I am GOD." Psalm 46:10

Welcome! I am Carlos Antunez and I am passionate about sharing my story about God's love and faithfulness and seeing people healed, redeemed, delivered, set free, and restored back to the Father through our Lord Jesus Christ!

My Faith Journey

During my teenage years, I became an alcoholic and entered a life of crime. I made wrong decisions which led to time in jail. Several years after my release, my mom passed away. My life felt like it was getting worse, and right before I could end it all, I heard these words in my heart, "I love you." With no one around in sight, I knew it was God coming to my rescue. I called one of my best friends and accepted his invitation to Times Square Church in NYC. That night I attended the service, I gave my heart to Jesus! He delivered me from a sinful life and gave me hope again. Jesus set me free and I have been living my life for Him ever since. 

Since 2014, my wife and I have been faithfully serving the Lord. We have served in different ministry roles within various ministries such as Children's ministry, Security & Ushers, Outreach, and Discipleship. We served in different capacities including administration, leadership, teaching, and preaching, but the best part of our journey has been connecting with people, and learning and growing together. We truly love people!


After serving in the local church for 6 years, God called us to lead a home-church gathering called Gateway Gathering Syracuse, in East Syracuse, NY under the leadership and spiritual covering of Gateway Church and senior pastor Robert Morris from Southlake, TX. In addition to leading Gateway Gathering Syracuse, I minister at Syracuse Adult & Teen Challenge, serve as a marketplace chaplain, and partner with other ministries and non-profit organizations.

Christina and I are passionate about sharing our journey and leading people to the loving gracious arms of Jesus.

My Video's

In January 2021, I was diagnosed with a critical case of covid-pneumonia and admitted to the emergency room. Within several days, we learned that I had a punctured lung and a collapsed lung and needed to be intubated because I was losing a lot of oxygen very quickly. Throughout the course of my hospital stay, my body was fighting covid-pneumonia, two bacterial pneumonias, pneumomediastinum, and other complications while I was on life support. I was given about a 250% mortality rate. BUT GOD! He performed a miracle! In fact, He performed many miracles! After 54 days in the hospital (3 weeks in an induced coma), I was released to go home! God did it! And He is still performing miracles to this day! There's so much more to share, but here are a few videos of my story which is God's story about His love for us. 

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